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Our purpose is to provide independent investment consulting and wealth management services to global clients.  


We work to go above and beyond clients' expectations, and our incentives are fully aligned with those of our clients: we only gain if you do.


Over the years, we have acquired extensive international experience in providing personalised financial services to a variety of clients. Through continuous education, we are able to keep up with modern financial environment and are nimble in exploiting market opportunities in line with your financial circumstances and risk preferences.


Our track record proves that our strategies really work: we grow your capital through a well- diversified portfolio, while minimising execution costs and monitoring market risk on a daily basis. 

We are keen to develop investment strategies that match the risk and return requirements of every client providing constant and proactive support in all investment decisions.

We combine the Swiss traditions of quality and discretion with the English spirit and a solid network in the United Kingdom to propose a unique solution. We want to build more than a simple financial business, but a long-lasting relationship and a better future for our clients, based on mutual respect, trust and transparency.  

Clear Wealth was founded with the aim to develop a dynamic structure capable of best serving private and institutional clients, providing quick and sustainable solutions fully responsive to clients' needs and to the evolving nature of markets and regulations. 

Clear Wealth focuses on identifying new business relationships to then integrate new ideas into our solutions, creating lasting value for your future.


Luca Avesani, IMC, Chartered MCSI
Founder and Director
Ilaria Piatti, PhD
Academic Adviser

Luca is one of the minds behind CLEAR WEALTH. He has over 10 years of experience in financial services and investment management.

During his career, Luca has gained a substantial knowledge of financial markets and a passion for developing investment strategies across asset classes, tailored to clients' needs.

Luca has worked at various organisations in Switzerland, including Julius Baer, Ernst & Young and Banca del Sempione.

After working as Trade Execution Manager and Investment Manager in the United Kingdom for several years, he started collaborating with Phanar Asset Management, first as Investment Advisor, and from January 2021 as Portfolio Manager. In June 2019 Luca founded CLEAR WEALTH with the aim of serving families with comprehensive financial requirements, predominantly from Europe (including Switzerland) and the United Kingdom. In January 2021 Luca joined Phanar Asset Management (UK) as Portfolio Manager.

He graduated from the University of Lugano in 2005, earned his Master Degree in Finance cum laude in 2007 and got his Investment Management Certificate (IMC) in 2015 after an Investment Management Programme at the London Business School.

Luca, CF30 approved for advising and dealing in securities and derivatives, is member of the CISI and CFA UK Association.

His native language is Italian, and he is fluent in English and French with basic knowledge of German.

Ilaria is an adviser to Clear Wealth. She acts as a bridge between Clear Wealth and academic research, allowing us to stay at the forefront of modern portfolio theory and implement advanced financial models in our asset allocation and security selection.

Ilaria holds a MSc in Finance and a PhD in Economics from the University of Lugano. During her PhD, she was sponsored by the Swiss National Science Foundation to complete fellowships at Duke University and the London School of Economics. In 2020 she joined Queen Mary University after six years at the University of Oxford's Said Business School as an Associate Professor in Finance. In her academic career, Ilaria has taught Business Finance and Continuous Time Finance to audiences ranging from Master's students to Executive MBAs. 
Her research focuses on theoretical and empirical asset pricing, financial econometrics and term structure modelling. Ilaria is interested in understanding the dynamics of market expectations and the implications of belief heterogeneity for risk premia in different asset classes. Her current work uses survey data on interest rates and exchange rates to study risk premia in fixed income and foreign currency markets. 

Ilaria speaks Italian, English, German and French.

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